Seth Archambault


About Seth

I moved to Detroit July of 2013. This was the best decision of my life.

I am a white-presenting jewish man who receives the membership benefits of the white buffer class. I recognize that much of my worldview has been shaped by these conditional privileges afforded to me by plantation owners, which have successfully alienated me both from my own people, from black and brown community, and from my self.

My commitment is to wield technology for systemic and internal liberation.

What I Do

Chicago Stepping, rollerskating, hustle, poetry, discussions on race, and coding.


Detroit Bike Blacklist

A super simple way to report a bike missing. This got some press attention, which was exciting for a minute.


Augmented reality popupbook - winning project of Startup Weekend 2015. Now Spellbound.

White Tears

White guilt as a video game.

The Rebellion of Nat Turner

A video game about using violence against white slave owners. Is it uncomfortable?

The Electrician

A video game prototype which requires interacting with electricity via a small computer.


A reflective video game about microaggressions and white spaces.

Cop Rate

Rate your interaction with the police.
View Prototype

Vote Cheat

A cheat sheet for voting.


"[White Voice] is about sounding like you don’t have a care. Like your bills are paid and you’re happy about your future and you’re about to jump in your Ferrari when you get off this call. Breezy, like you don’t need this money, like you never been fired, only laid off. It’s not what all White people sound like- there ain’t no real White voice, it’s what they wish they sounded like. It’s what they think they’re supposed to sound like.”

Boots Riley, Sorry To Bother You

"The problem we face is that the ghetto is a domestic colony that's constantly drained without being replenished. And you are always telling us to lift ourselves by our own bootstraps, and yet we are being robbed every day."

Martin Luther King, Jr. August 16th, 1967